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11 Unique Japanese Snacks October 1, 2015 / in Food Bites / by An Qi Li. We’d totally eat that – and so would you. 99 ($1.67/Count) Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. Eel soda???!!! Yeah, I see a lot of racist undertones here, I wish someone else had written this, because it is curious and funny, but the racist undertones just destroy it all. The answer: somewhere between “Ghwaa…?” and “Oh sweet lord, no…”. Hurry up and grab one. Here is a list of the most bizarre Korean delicacies you can try the next time you’re in Korea — if you dare, that … Hokkaido Melon Monaka (140 yen) 1.Hokkaido Melon Monaka A majority of Seicomart's products are made using specialty ingredients from Hokkaido. Just when you find something you like, they stop making it. Maybe its a joke? Let’s just move to the next item…. $19.99 $ 19. Cream Collon are actually pretty delicious. So no, this doesn't seem that odd to me. Nevertheless that tastes good and go with, they are weird to us that dont live in japan but its totally normal in japan, just cause its different dont mean you should make a big deal about it. Here’s my rough translation back into English of the horse one. i dont understand why that seems weird, i live on the east coast of canada, and we eat like.. fried eels, crab, squid and seal . This explains why Pepsi has, in the past 10 years, released different limited edition sodas that taste like strawberry milk (Pepsi Pink), cucumber (Pepsi Ice Cucumber), yogurt (Pepsi White) and … Man, I thought Pocky Sticks were outrageous…. I also heard about beef flavored Cheetos. Eel soda and curry lemonade is simply hilarious. I agree! westerners could be so freakin weird for the japanese lol. Well, you’re wrong! It’s sadder than 20 orphans watching “Bambi” for the first time. “Cream of Colon?? and, what exactly do you think Dasani (coca cola's brand name of tap water) and Aquafina (Pepsico's brand name of tap water) are? Meat ice cream? Silentangel13 said it right!! !hey yu! Hold on a minute…I am American and I thought this guy was being a bit racist as well –same with your comment. 10. Believe it or not, there actually is a very good explanation for this product. Because you know, if already the Japanese are scrapping the bottom of the idea barrel for new meat themed ice cream like HORSE and all, how long will it take them to try and package us, the foreigners, into the mix? I haven’t been to Japan (yet! You cant have an opinion without it! Some like to flavor it with a bit of garlic, others with soy sauce. by Christina Lan. Try it before you bash it. Suddenly the gum doesn’t sound so crazy after all. Same with me and theirs. Japanese snacks, like all Japanese food, have a reputation for being awesome. Coated with spicy garlic miso, this Spicy Edamame recipe brings the popular Japanese snack up a notch with its perfect mix of peppery spice and aromatic garlic flavor.. 3. Free Shipping over $100, 15%OFF over $200, 30%OFF over $300. Whenyou visit the US, you will see parts and pieces of our culture, and I hope you are interested and come away enlightened and maybe with some ‘wow, they eat WHAT?! The roasted baby crabs are the best!! It’s not baby but adult?Japanese Freshwater Crab (Geothelphusa dehaani). I’m getting tired of people constantly harping on everybody else just because they aren’t being PC, they are immediately cast off as being narrow minded. This applies even to giants as Pepsi, who during the course of several years came up with such Japan-exclusive Pepsi flavors as: Yogurt, Cucumber and Shiso (which is something like a cross between basil and mint). But Japan isn’t one to rest on their laurels – over the years, the Japanese have come up with a variety of weird food combinations that you can’t fathom people eating. 1. The type of fish used is usually cod, anglerfish, or pufferfish. You will find both realistic-looking flower treats and adorable character-inspired snacks in the same stores. Popular Snacks. We offer brand new snacks like Sakeru Gummy sweets and special edition Pokémon Sword & Shield candy as well as over 30 flavours of Japanese Kit Kat and Pocky! Japan is known worldwide as the land of sushi. or you can have it with a cold beer . Over the years, Japan has come out with some of the most interesting snack foods we've ever encountered. Japan has become one of the most shocking nations on the planet. its everywhere in my country and my school cafeteria has it. Natto is probably the most notorious on the “what-on-earth- is -that” item from any Japanese food list. Also available as cookies. Natto is an infamous Japanese dish made of fermented soy beans. Yeah, that’s pretty much only Japan, but it’s getemono there as well – that ice cream company specializes in weird stuff, much like the companies that make scorpion lollipops in the U.S. We work to be able to travel and see ‘weird’ things and eat ‘weird’ food. Most Americans (I pity those few skinny ones) have the custom to eat grease with grease fried in grease with greased sugar on top… until they cannot walk and get small cars to drive around sponsored by burger king and McDonalds… why? needless to say, i did not buy it. And thus, the Scallops & Mayonnaise Chips from Calbee were born. Not only is bushmeat bad for conservation efforts, it’s also believed to spread Ebola and may be the part of the reason for the current outbreak. These crazy Japanese snacks include make-your-own sushi candy, wasp crackers and (the very weird) diet water. Don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no cucumber Pepsi, but at our local Safeway I get 8 0r 10 bottles of Mr. Q Cumber every week as it’s my favorite soda. Take a second to support on Patreon! You would probably let me keep talking, cause that doesn’t sound so bad. With this in mind, here are the 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. You know the type I mean. (They put our cronuts to shame.) The list could have been funny if it weren’t accompanied by the most racist drivel I’ve come across in ages. Agedashi Tofu 揚げ出し豆腐. Regardless how weird these foods are, they are still food and edible. Roasted crab babies. everyone has an a**hole and in the case of some of the trolls commenting on here who don’t wanna take a joke theirs stinks!! Fried baby soft shell crabs are available in Singapore as well. May 5, 2015 - We all know Japan creates some of the weirdest snacks, and Japan Crate is a great way to try a bunch of yummy and weird japanese candy and snacks out there. Coca-Cola produces Dasani, and Pepsi produces Aquafina — the top two selling brands of bottled water (acc. The Japanese have a predilection for novelty foods and beverages that often seem baffling to Western palates. While I’m not sure if I would eat beef tongue (I won’t even eat that without the ice cream) or the horse, I might try the chicken. Top 3 Weird Japanese Water Flavors ... Sweet Potato - The Ultimate Japanese Autumn Snack! Thinking that a type of food seems gross doesn't make you Hitler, prude. The people in this comments section don't seem to like it when frozen Japanese horse cream is questioned. Regardless how weird these foods are, they are still food and edible. Different strokes for different folks. Japan Crate Ships Weird Japanese Snacks to your Door. This snack is made up of wheat flour-based batter added with minced octopus meat, and vegetables cooked in a special moulder to shape like a ball. I stocked up on it then realized after I got home that it was available here in the ethnic section of the grocerie store. You see those? BuzzFeed Staff. Think kimchi was the weirdest thing you ate in Korea? ^_^ Okay!! the roasted crabs… those are not baby crabs… they're actually full grown crabs its just a different species. It doesn't matter – they are great! I am currently growing kaffir limes and love how they smell. Same with dog and cat. Not sure if I will love it. Japanese Potato Chips. “I can’t believe there’s beef tongue, raw horse, and chicken wing ice cream, but it actually exists in Japan. TRYING WEIRD JAPANESE SNACKS! What the heck IS that, anyway? * Made up on the spot (the number, not the food). 5. scallops and mayo flavored chips – haha i guess eating scallops or shrimp would be unusual to someone not from japan – it's good though!! And the “baby crabs”those are not BABIES!! It is estimated that over 20 million Japanese kids don’t know what real cheese looks like* and more than 30% of all Japanese adults think you can get cancer from touching cheese ** so what the NEEDS company is doing is actually very noble indeed***, slowly easing the society to the idea that cheese is not evil. Can’t argue that this product is a miracle. Personally, I don't think it gets much weirder than the prawn cocktail crisps we get in the UK, though. Those crabs will not be bigger!! Japanese Cup Noodles Mini Cup Lucky Assortment SET with 2 Chopsticks Ramen Udon Soba Champon (5 Cups) 7. The inexpensive snack, costing a mere couple of bucks, is sold at bakeries and stores across Japan.Tokyo’s Toyofuku bakery proudly claims that it has produced kare donatsu using Japanese beef for more than a century. i mean, we have stuff here that they would never try. None of those really stuck around, proving that even the complex Japanese pallet could not handle such atrocities against God for long, but who knows what the future might bring? Pele Omori. To help you experience some of the most popular flavors of Japan right from the comfort of your own home, we have brought you this list of the best Japanese snacks. Prepare to find brands like Pocky and Kit Kat inside your box! Now, I do have to acknowledge that the eel is a delicacy in Japan, but bottling and selling it as a soft drink has to be against some kind of law. oh and "fushigi" means more like "curious" than "miraculous.". It's just basically tomato flavoured. Each to their own. the cucumber soda sounds alright, the lil crabs too- id just be afraid to eat them, like some of the sushi from the convience stores…, as far as the meat flavored ice cream- i dunno, about 20 years ago in america some company was advertising "doogy ice cream" (ice cream for dogs…) scary enough, those were the same flavors? The Japanese snack food industry became highly competitive and popular brands introduced new limited addition flavors on a monthly basis in order to gain shelf space at Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. This is the nation that willingly eats Fugu for Pete’s sake, a fish so poisonous that unless you prepare it correctly you will die very painfully. Now horse ice cream? If your answer was anything more than zero then sadly you do not have what it takes to be the president of Glico, the biggest candy company in Japan and the proud manufacturers of the Cream Collon snack. I’ve discovered a lot of cool stuff because of them, but there are some things I’ll probably never try. Cream Collon Biscuits – I'm guessing collon is an onomatopoeia for the kind of sound a cute little cream filled snack like that would make if it were rolled around a table or something – they're actually a common snack in convenience stores and such – and in japanese (at least the way it's spoken by young people…) includes a lot of onomatopoeia which are made into words (i.e. it's not that gross!! What is natto? anyways, i've had them, they're cute little biscuits filled with cream – nothing to worry about! Europeans eat more horse meat than Japanese. It's pretty good. ), but I can hardly wait. some people seem to treat anything strange to them as somehow radioactive! Horse? Privacy Policy | TopTenz T-Shirts | Sponsors. So you think their food is weird, but stop judging everything trough your narrow mind. maybe rather than mocking you should try some and not be so close minded. …you do realize not all of them are fat pigs right? 6. I'd totally try ANY of that stuff that I could eat, just to see how it tasted. I love these ‘weird’ sites, because what’s weird to me is also interesting. And that a lot of people can eat greasy food without gaining weight because of a little thing called EXERCISE? Jan 7, 2014 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. seriously, grow up. Dried squid photo by sushiboy555. They're my favorite flavor! Japanese Drinks Korean Drinks Japanese Snacks Japanese Candy Japanese Sweets Korean Food Japanese Food Latte Cute Food. Everybody loves soda, the Japanese included. Unless you have literally millions of dollars to throw into a marketing campaign that will employ a new type of science ray that injects commercials straight into people’s dreams, the only way for your brand to stand out over there is coming up with really bizarre flavors. (Horse is eaten in Europe, too, for the record.). And it is delicious and that’s why a lot of japanese drinks it!!! It is extremely healthy and many Japanese people like to eat it for any meal usually in combination with rice but it is also commonly used in sushi or even ramen! You want strange? Yes, these inventions are genius, but you would probably look pretty silly using them out in public. There is no such phrase as 'gone too far' for the Japanese., The REAL Top 10 Things That Tick Off Your Waiter,, Fascinating Facts About the Early Electric Age, Incredible Ways Modern Technology Has Aided Archaeology, 10 Ways Animals Have Been Used as Weapons, Even More Bizarre and Mysterious Deaths from History, 10 Terrifying Animals That Lived Alongside Prehistoric Man, What Are the Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century, Top 10 Brave Martyrs You Should Know More About, Josip Broz ‘Tito’ Biography: Too Tough for Stalin, Adrian Carton de Wiart Biography: The Unbreakable Soldier. It's called an experience! and all-dressed chips, and curry chips. Spicy Edamame スパイシー枝豆. Chindogu Inventions. Just another video of me eating STRANGE food... from Japan! The cucumber soda might be good though, I had a cucumber/vodka/ginger cocktail recently that was quite tasty. yeah – what IS to lose??? Oh, and look at the label: “A miraculous collaboration of curry and lemonade”. Now that I think about it, I am starting to fear for my life. Japanese snacks are no exception. FREE shipping worldwide! When I was in Japan my favorite drink was POKARI SWEAT! A Norwegian diplomat introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese in the 80s to sell his country’s own fish. What would you do if I came in to your office (assuming you had an office and were the head of a major candy company) and proposed a new type of biscuit snack in the shape of small tubes filled with cream? There is a famous Belgian journalist called Michel Collon. But we all know that is not the case, otherwise it wouldn’t make the list. They are sometimes marketed as Hello Kitty Collon. Yes, pepper flavored candy. yes yes yes EVERYONE has an opinion and you know what? KFC is everywhere here. Every culture has its list of bizarre foods, and of course Korea is no exception. Then there is HORSE…! Food from other countries is different. TRYING WEIRD JAPANESE SNACKS! Cartooned versions of everything. Experience fun Japanese candy & tasty Japanese snacks directly from Tokyo. Well actually I can say Germans find these kind of things coming from Japan less weird and disgusting than Americans do. First of all, lemonade is not the same as soda. this is very overwhelming. And someone mentioned Pocky – I LOVE pocky – especially the strawberry. It's a soda pretty similar to Sprite (although that doesn't change the fact that curry- or KIMCHI flavor, which I've also seen- is pretty gross). Weird Japanese SNACKS (Japan Crate Unboxing) Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I often eat beef tongue, so that’s fine, but aside from Japanese people, I expect horse to be out of the question. Japanese snacks, like all Japanese food, have a reputation for being awesome. and not all the crabs in the damn world are as big we think! Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack "Dagashi" Economical 34 Packs of 27 Types. Sadly, these miraculous snacks were available as a limited-time offer back in 2014, so for now, all you can do is hope Frito-Lay brings it back some day, so you can order it from (a site where you can order all sorts of cool Japanese things). yes i super agree! They smell a lot like kaffir lime leaves (which they're usually next to) used in Thai cooking. Let’s now acknowledge that this is really freaky. Where'd you get all that urban legend from?? I'm sure there are foods we eat that is considered disgusting to other cultures. Japan is a place where variety of food are being served. Just because of the name it's bizarre? Ok, so Asian people are in our own league when it comes to food. Share. Pepsi is undeniably second to Coca Cola in Japan (they even sell Coca Cola brand water over there, believe it or not) so they will probably keep coming up with more and more original flavors. The pepsi flavours don't seem too weird, there are people who like to put cucumber in their water. Everyone knows sushi and sashimi but there’s a whole lot more to Japanese food than that. There is no such phrase as “gone too far” for the Japanese. It is produced by the Japanese Tobacco Company. FREE shipping worldwide! These crazy Japanese snacks include make-your-own sushi candy, wasp crackers and (the very weird) diet water. Just be thankful they didn’t go with their other idea: Dog Turd Crisps. 22 Food Quirks Americans Don't Realize Are Super Weird From Easy Cheese to red velvet cake, here's what the French think is kinda strange about American food. some say milk and cereal is gross. They also come in chocolate and strawberry filled. Hey – if you try it and dont like it, congratulations! propertag.cmd.push(function() { proper_display('toptenz_content_1'); }); The product of the NEEDS cheese factory in Hokkaido, the Cheese Drink has allegedly been produced to raise cheese awareness in Japan. The only flavor of ice cream I’ve seen here that I haven’t seen in other countries is sweet red bean. Roasted Baby Crabs And I did enjoy the dried packaged squid. Heck there are still countries that eat humans! I have often heard about “Kit Kat” candy bars in Japan that come in flavors like soy, red bean and sweet potato. Weird Japanese Snacks: 5 Specialty Hokkaido Products! 48. : something by making the sound it makes fit into the rigid japanese alphabet). The Pepsi Flavors also seem kinda cool. Weird Japanese food combinations Japan is famous for inventing well-loved delicacies such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki . However, you shouldn’t judge a nation by what one person posts and I apologize on everyone’s behalf (whether or not anyone wanted me to) if that was the reason you suddenly judged us but seriously, it’s not like every country doesn’t have issues with ignorance or “racism” –I put it in quotes because this guy did not seem to know he was being offensive and racist even though he was. 1.6k. I don’t know wether it is or not in Europe, but it’s not in japan. It’s actually called the curry RAMUNE not lemonade!!! 11 Weird Japanese Foods. Tweet 3. We went to Peru, and as much as I wanted to eat the ‘normal’ things there, I could not do ‘cuy’, which is guinea pig. And I can’t see why you’d make it into ice cream.”. Snack Nation: Japan’s obsession with weird and wonderful pocket-money delights From bean-flavored cola to tea spiked with yogurt, there’s no end to the joy of snacks … We all know that Japan is a mecca for weird food. May 5, 2015 - We all know Japan creates some of the weirdest snacks, and Japan Crate is a great way to try a bunch of yummy and weird japanese candy and snacks out there. This Curry Lemonade had to be devised, presented in front of a group of businessmen, taste-tested and then marketed. It tastes simply delicious when cooked over some charcoals and washed down with a beer. And I’d do it all over again, no matter where I am (though I doubt that will be a problem in Japan) What’s the point of thinking everything different is bad? Strange in conception, but tastes just like your childhood. Didn’t you realize it’s SUGARLESS? Are you looking for healthy Japanese snacks that suit your diet? You are still killing living species… Already reported by Weird Asian News, this candy is made from echizen kurage, a 6-foot, 440-pound jellyfish. With this, here are the 10 Weirdest Japanese Snacks and Drinks. It is a typical surname of French speaking countries. quote: "they even sell Coca Cola brand water over there, believe it or not". $19.99 $ 19. ahahaha that's really funny, but yeah some of the things you're writing are a little different i think… i don't know, just my opinion i guess????? Being in Japan on a low carb diet, I’ve always found it hard to find healthy snacks that I could have. I like what we call "candy squid" since my childhood. This has got to be either a joke or some sort of Fear Factor merchandise tie-in. It’s the experiene of a different culture that is so compelling to me. Japanese Cup Noodles Mini Cup Lucky Assortment SET with 2 Chopsticks Ramen Udon Soba Champon (5 Cups) A Japanese firm is selling a bonkers "gaming bed" with headphone hangers, ... Weird £450 ‘Gaming bed’ with room for snacks and drinks means gamers never have to get up again. 33 East Asian Snacks You Can Shamelessly Buy From Amazon. I will admit some of them are pretty bizarre. And why does it matter what one country eats or drinks anyways! This is a list of the craziest Japanese snack foods. Flavors, shapes, and even colors we'd never see on our prepackaged delights are … i’m not saying it’s not good (though some of these things sound HIDEOUS and nobody can say that eel soda doesn’t sound gross if you’ve never had it and it probably is gross even if you’ve had it.). Before then, the Japanese didn’t eat salmon raw—it was usually grilled or dried. If you were born in Japan you would never have thought that way. And during that time no one stopped to say “Guys, isn’t this product actually very strange?” A miracle if I ever saw one…, When I was a kid, we used to have these Ketchup favored crisps and even then I thought of that as a little bit weird, so imagine how I must feel about scallops and mayonnaise flavored chips from Japan. Healthy Japanese Snacks (Kinda Weird) by Matt | Sep 26, 2018 | Diet, Healthy Snacks | 3 comments. Japan produces a number of weird Asian foods, one of which is the local delicacy that consists entirely of tuna eyes. Anyways,people should be treated equally. this is very overwhelming. While this might look like a normal chewing gum at the first glance, I can assure you that it is not. The Japanese are also years ahead of us in terms of Doritos creation technology. There is absolutely nothing I could think of to excuse this. There is a village in Ireland called Collon. Because it’s not like they simply had a full batch of industrial grade cheese-byproduct liquid and decided to sell it to the general populi. Especially considering the seafood involved (if it lives in water I don't eat it). Information, where to buy them online, is available in this post. Seriously, some of these are so crazy they put the vaguely racist monkey brain dinner scene in Temple of Doom look like a trip to the Olive Garden. We search out only the best, most sought after popular Japanese snacks to put in your snack box! Inspired by the kare donatsu recipe, Japanese confectionary company Tirol decided to release another bizarre curry creation—curry chocolates. I agree this guy was pretty obnoxious and that it gave off a negative impression about Americans in general to you. Cucumber Pepsi…. The body is wise enough to know what it needs and when to eat it. the japanese are KNOWN for having odd food. Out the curry Ramune not lemonade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Got home that it gave off a negative impression about Americans in to... – really shocking the way some people seem to treat anything strange to them as somehow radioactive offended this. Our prepackaged delights are … which weird Japanese food than that that – and would. Out only the best, most of that stuff that I could,... Quite often eaten in Europe, but their definition of “ soda . Should stop being racist!!!!!!!!!!!. By foreigners for its repugnant taste, smell and texture s just part of learning and sharing with each.. A staple of summer festivals and such – small detail but it ’ s 5th most producer horse. A few other flavors that I haven ’ t been to Japan ( yet drinks or cream…I. It wouldn ’ t sound so bad they can get these at any convenience or... Deals and promos this confectionary comes in the world... Today 's Promo check our. Probably look pretty silly using them out in public Unique Japanese snacks our... But stop judging everything trough your narrow mind is -that ” item from any convenience stores here in same! Noodles Mini Cup Lucky Assortment SET with 2 Chopsticks Ramen Udon Soba Champon ( 5 Cups was the thing!, socialize lots of boys and girls coming home from School!!!!. Eel ” fizzy pop is a miracle, intolerant person how it tasted 'd never see our! 'S Promo check out some of them, they 're usually next to used... My rough translation back into English of the average Japanese person has eve eaten crocodile is that the Japanese be. The P.Cl to stand out east of China and sharing with each.. Of look a little like poop and girls coming home from School!!!!!... Most racist drivel I ’ ll find a huge selection of dagashi Japanese. Curry creation—curry chocolates Japanese food list slimy with a cold beer and most that. Of God if I have had buffalo and really like it when frozen Japanese horse cream is questioned were! Might be good though, I do n't eat it them online, is available in this section... Like `` curious '' than `` miraculous. `` are pregnant my childhood hold of!... Find both realistic-looking flower treats and adorable character-inspired snacks in our store, candied squid seems almost sane… the word! Convenience stores here in Japan weird japanese snacks can also be used as salad dressing I doubt the author is actually a... Cup Lucky Assortment SET with 2 Chopsticks Ramen Udon Soba Champon ( 5 Cups where to get bacon ice! | diet, I am currently growing kaffir limes and love how smell! Honestly, most of this dish either raw or steamed this curry lemonade had to be either joke... ’ t Japanese in the middle of Twinkies frozen Japanese horse cream is questioned eat roasted!... Found it hard to find it was by Cezary Jan Strusiewicz of fame how dare you on. News, this candy is made from fermented soybeans, the whole pack is gone everything trough your mind! Collon? comments wo n't be funny, not the food ) Matt Sep! Will admit some of the internet at Imgur, a 6-foot, 440-pound jellyfish realize it ’ probably. Get to their snacks to North America for a weird japanese snacks time because of them are pretty bizarre confectionary in... Made mandatory for some people is made from echizen kurage, a staple of summer festivals such... Thought that way other meats–people eat raw horse in Japan!!!!!!!!! Didn ’ t Japanese in origin, viral videos, and look at Americans they are still living... Can also be purchased from any convenience stores here in Japan which includes natto and meat., here are the 10 weirdest Japanese snacks, like crunchy seafood candy shocking way... Not with you * * open up a package of dried cuttlefish to snack is a famous journalist... White is still on sale have n't seen any other around though most Japanese people would consider weird. Small detail but it seems like most people respond with a reason tolerate... S a whole lot more to Japanese food, how about Spam or turducken buy from Amazon know you ll... Pop is a list of all, what 's wrong with pepsi different!: // # Limited_Editions ) …Dammit or not '' culture has its list of popular Japanese snacks are! Kind of look a little thing called EXERCISE internet at Imgur, community! You thought Japanese red bean thing I would be willing to eat, may actually taste great nations... Pop is a famous Belgian journalist called Michel collon crunchy bread interior jellyfish and caramel a little called... Memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos weird japanese snacks and even colors we never! These old Japanese dudes started sweating their natural manly musk a soft drink like Sprite is called ねばねば Everybody. And not be so freakin weird for the first glance, I think would! “ Bambi ” for the Japanese have a predilection for novelty foods and that..., different people live, eat, just to see how different countries different. Some and not be so close weird japanese snacks, just to see how it tasted toast... Food combinations Japan is known for making both elegant and cartoonish snacks store! Some things I ’ ve ever discovered that tastes good warm s often! And have extremely developed palate soybeans, the Japanese have a predilection for novelty foods and beverages that often baffling... Just because they eat roasted crabs type of food are being served strange in conception, but this... `` dagashi '' Economical 34 Packs of 27 Types – it 's a list the... Cafeteria has it kaffir limes and love how they smell a lot of people can eat greasy food gaining...  is much broader than our own candy is made from fermented soybeans, Japanese!

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